Troy McClure is awesome. This site is dedicated to creating posters for the many, many movies, tv shows, and filmstrips that you might remember Troy McClure from.

My name is Matt and I also run and create the work for Alternate Histories, which offers vintage prints, maps, and greeting cards with monsters, robots, & zombies added in. Check it out!

I also have a book of my work coming out through Perigee/Penguin in October! 

Note: I do not plan to sell any of these posters. Much of the artwork and of course the original Troy McClure quotes are copyrighted, and it simply wouldn’t be fair to the genius Simpsons writers who toiled away, coming up with names like “The President’s Neck is Missing.” Feel free to print out an image for your own use, but these are only in tribute to Troy, and can’t be sold for financial gain.